Historic Kellogg Garden Blossoms Anew

Historic Kellogg Garden Blossoms Anew
The circular garden was designed and built in 1926.
Stewart Castle plants a new rose in rose garden. The roses were donated by Weeks Roses this past winter.
Hundreds of new rose bushes replaced the aging garden.

This spring the W.K. Kellogg Commemorative Rose Garden is budding with new life thanks to a complete renovation with top varieties donated by Weeks Roses.

Contrary to popular belief the roses in the garden did not stem from Kellogg's original garden. The footprint of the circular garden, which was designed in 1926 by Charles Adams of Hearst Castle fame, remains intact. However, the roses have been replaced a handful of times in the past 80 years.

During the renovation this past winter, all of the viable rose bushes were replanted at other locations on campus.

“This garden is going to be beautiful,” says Richard Farmer, manager of Cal Poly Pomona's Landscape Services. “Weeks Roses produces top-notch flowers, and we have all their prize-winning flowers in this garden.”

In 2006, Weeks Roses moved its research operations to Cal Poly Pomona, where eight new state-of-the-art green houses have been constructed. Since moving to campus, Tom Carruth, head of Weeks' research department, has looked for additional ways to partner with the university.

This past winter, about 650 bushes and 50 trees of top-producing varieties by Weeks Roses replaced the aging garden of about 400 plants. Next winter another 200 to 300 roses will be planted to fill in the rest of the garden, Farmer says.

“You could see that the plants were old and pretty tired and everything needed a punch up,” says Carruth, who has produced 10 All-American Rose Selection winners. “This garden will have a lot of color and fragrance. It'll look great.”