Students Vote No on Rec Center

Students Vote No on Rec Center
Cal Poly Pomona students voted against raising fees to pay for the $90 million project.

Cal Poly Pomona students voted down Associated Student Inc.'s referendum to build a $90 million recreation center in a record turnout on March 5 and 6.

The previous known record was 2,456 votes for the three-day ASI Student Government election in 2007. The referendum outcome did not reach the majority vote needed to move the proposed project forward with 1,356 votes in favor and 2,406 not in favor.

Members of ASI are proud of the record voter turnout, the spirited discussion that took place with students and the campus community regarding the proposed Recreation Center, the quality and extent of the information campaign and the learning outcomes for Cal Poly Pomona students.

If approved, student fees could have been raised by $149 per quarter in order to pay for a $90 million state-of-the-art, eco-friendly recreation center near the Bronco Student Center. It would have offered four times the amount of weight and fitness space compared to the current Bronco Fitness Center. The project would have included a lap pool, raised quarter-mile track, a three-court gymnasium and five multipurpose rooms for activities such as dance, yoga, group exercise and martial arts.

ASI leaders applaud the amount of student involvement that occurred throughout the campaign, as students took the time to educate themselves about the initiative to make an informed decision. ASI recognizes that through this referendum, the voice of the students has been heard and pledges to continue to find ways to improve student life and campus community at Cal Poly Pomona.