Kaplan Awards 10 Scholarships

Kaplan Awards 10 Scholarships
Most of the scholarship winners stand outside of the Career Center.

In cooperation with the Cal Poly Pomona Career Center, Kaplan, a leader in the test preparation field, has awarded scholarships to 10 motivated and deserving students. The value of these scholarships is upwards of $20,000.

Each scholarship covers the entire cost of any Kaplan test preparation course, valued at up to $2,000. The Kaplan program is designed to help students increase their confidence, preparedness and overall scores on graduate entrance tests including the LSAT, MCAT, GRE, GMAT and other tests required for admission to graduate programs.

“This scholarship will help me to overcome a difficult step in the process of accomplishing and realizing my life-long goal of working in higher education,” student Danny Peraza says.

Scholarships were awarded on the basis of academic achievement, demonstrated commitment to one's field of graduate study and financial need. Students awarded this year's scholarships are in preparation for graduate and doctoral programs in the fields of medicine, medical research, chemistry, law, veterinary science, engineering, business and education.    

The recipients are:

  • Eva Ambriz       
  • John Balla       
  • Eriberto Espinoza       
  • Raudel Fernandez       
  • Stella Hartono        
  • Alejandro Larios       
  • Jesse Ornelas       
  • Danny Peraza       
  • Eva Villa       
  • Brittany Yates