College of Engineering Hosts 2,000-plus Guests During Open House

College of Engineering Hosts 2,000-plus Guests During Open House
Steel Bridge team members stand on their bridge Feb. 19.
Students representing the American Society of Civil Engineers win a tug of war during National Engineers Week.

More than 2,000 people attended the annual Engineering Open House, which culminated this year's National Engineers Week at Cal Poly Pomona.

Many fall 2008 applicants, along with their families, visited the campus for this unique opportunity to experience first hand what's available to engineering students at Cal Poly Pomona.

“What makes the Engineering Open House special is that for one day we open our doors to laboratories and academic areas, which are typically not available to the public,” says College of Engineering Dean Edward Hohmann.  

During the open house on Saturday, Feb. 23, more than 250,000 square feet of engineering space were available for prospective students to explore. Engineering faculty and students gave guests a close-up look at the Biomedical Lab, the GeoSpatial Information Systems Lab, the Mechatronic Systems Lab and more.

The Engineering Open House afforded prospective students an opportunity to ask questions and find out more about campus resources such as admissions and financial aid and take tours of the campus and student housing.

Additionally, the seven engineering departments hosted 58 briefing sessions, where they provided insightful information about what their majors entails. There was also a reception for women in engineering, plus briefings for the Maximizing Engineering Potential Program.

More than 50 engineering companies, represented by many alumni, also took part in the event. These alumni joined panel discussions, spoke with families in small-group sessions, mentored current students and provided insight into their Cal Poly Pomona and industrial experience.

The Open House occurred on the last day of National Engineers Week 2008. This week was established in 1951 as a time to recognize the influence of the engineering profession on daily life. Engineers have a profound impact on society at large, and educational institutions like Cal Poly Pomona continue to be leaders in the development of new generations of engineers.

Several clubs from the Engineering Council and Multicultural Council organized many festive events throughout the week.

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