Campus Called To Action Against Proposed Budget Cuts

Campus Called To Action Against Proposed Budget Cuts

On Tuesday, April 8 at noon, campus leaders will come together for a budget advocacy forum to address proposed cuts to the California State University system. This call-to-action intends to send a strong message to the Governor, the Legislature and the people of California that the “CSU is the Solution” to the state's troubled economy and that alternative solutions to the state's fiscal challenges must be sought.

The Governor's budget proposal calls for a $386 million cut to the CSU's budget. If approved by the Legislature, the proposed cuts will have profound implications for the CSU, students, the economy and the future of California.

“Cal Poly Pomona's share of the cuts would be about five percent – nearly $20 million,” says university President Michael Ortiz. “To put this in perspective, this cut would be greater than the total budget of the College of Agriculture. Such a reduction will seriously impact our ability to meet the needs of our students.”

In response to this critical situation, the entire university community is encouraged to attend the U-Hour event in the University Quad. Speakers will include Ortiz, faculty and staff union representatives, students and other campus administrators, as well as CSU Trustee Lou Monville.

“Join us as we add our voices to those raised on our sister campuses to advocate for continued access to affordable, high-quality education at Cal Poly Pomona and throughout the California State University,” Ortiz says.

The meeting will begin promptly at noon and end at 1 p.m.