Update: CSU Dominguez Hills Reopens After Incident

Earlier today, CSU Dominguez Hills officials closed the campus for the day after a man was seen carrying a perceived automatic rifle. The suspect, believed to be a ROTC student carrying a simulated rifle, has been taken into custody. No one was injured and shots were not fired.

Cal Poly Pomona law enforcement is monitoring the situation at our sister-university. There is no closure or suspension of operations at Cal Poly Pomona.

A recent message from President Ortiz to the university community addressed how the campus is addressing emergency preparedness, communication and personal safety.  If you have not read the message, the transcript is available at, https://polycentric.cpp.edu/news.asp?id=1921.

New information on today's incident at Dominguez Hills will be made available via PolyCentric.

** Update: According to the CSU Dominguez Hills' Web site the campus reopened at 9:20 a.m.**