Political Satirist Songwriter Roy Zimmerman in Concert

Political Satirist Songwriter Roy Zimmerman in Concert
Roy Zimmerman will perform on campus Feb. 7.

The Cal Poly Pomona Music department is excited to present political satirist and songwriter Roy Zimmerman in concert on Feb. 7. Faulty intelligence: Funny Songs about Ignorance, War & Greed will showcase material from his hilarious and often caustic songs inspired by a world of war, poverty, ignorance, hypocrisy and greed.

“There's nothing funny about world peace,” Zimmerman says. “Social justice never killed at The Comedy Store. If we ever attain a worldwide consciousness of peace and justice, I'll be happily out of a job.”

Before embarking on his current one-man show, Zimmerman was part of a comedy folk quartet called The Foremen. This group toured throughout the nation's major folk venues and have warmed up a crowd before President Bill Clinton gave a speech. Zimmerman has also played in clubs across the country, sharing the stage with talents like critically acclaimed musician Frank Black of The Pixies.

Zimmerman is now touring solo with original songs and witty commentary from his new album Faulty Intelligence. The album has entertaining and satirical music such as:

  • “Creation Science 101” – A lesson in Intelligent Design.                       
  • “Hello, NSA” – An Elvis-sounding love song to the government phone tappers, which is also featured on the ACLU Web site.                       
  • “Chickenhawk” – The bawk-along song that ridicules the military policies of the Bush administration officials who avoided serving in the armed forces.                       

“I hope this record gets good reviews, but mostly I hope it gets denied under oath by Karl Rove,” Zimmerman says. His up-to-the-moment topical songs are featured on American Public Media's syndicated broadcast “Weekend America” and Sirius Radio's “West Coast Live.”

Zimmerman's Faulty Intelligence: Funny Songs about Ignorance, War & Greed will take place Thursday, Feb. 7 in the Music Recital Hall at 8 p.m. Proceeds from the concert will fund scholarships for Music Industry Studies students. Tickets are $10, and are available at www.zaptix.com or through the Music Publicity Office. Call (909) 869-3554 for more infomation.

Zimmerman will also conduct a songwriting Master Class in the Music Recital Hall from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. with the concert's producer, professor Arthur Winer. Zimmerman will critique original songs performed by students. The Master Class is free and open to the public.