RecycleMania Runs Through April 5

RecycleMania Runs Through April 5

Do you have what it takes to be a maniac? The Facilities Planning & Management department hopes you do – at least until April 5.

For the next two months, FP&M is leading the charge at Cal Poly Pomona in a national recycling tournament. Known as RecycleMania, the federal Environmental Protection Agency-sponsored competition aims to raise awareness about recycling and increase the amount of materials diverted from landfills.

“RecycleMania is a great way to increase student awareness of campus recycling and waste minimization,” says Monika Kamboures, logistics & recycling coordinator for FP&M. “On a grander scale, last year's competition participants were able to reduce in greenhouse gases equal to eliminating the impact caused by 6,507,707 gallons of gasoline.”

Universities and colleges with the largest amount of recyclables per capita; the largest amount of total recyclables; the least amount of trash per capita; or have the highest recycling rate – will win awards.

The university's recycling program consists mostly of programs to divert commingled recycling (paper, cardboard, cans, bottles, etc), construction material, scrap metal and green waste from landfills. The university also offers recycling programs for toner and inkjet cartridges as well as electronic waste.

Here are a few tips to increase recycling on campus:

  • Designate a recycling coordinator for your department          
  • Request the removal of your desk side trash container and use a common area for food waste and other non-recyclable materials         
  • Reuse cardboard boxes          

Contact facilities to set-up an appointment to view surplus furniture for reuse  

For more information or to volunteer for RecycleMania efforts contact Facilities Planning & Management at (909) 869-6705.

For more infomration about RecycleMania visit,

(Clarification: Recent color postcards that advertise RecycleMania at Cal Poly Pomona listed the incorrect dates for the competition. The competition runs from Jan. 27 until  April 5.)