President Ortiz' Update on Hiring, Procurement Process

Throughout the coming months, it will be important to communicate more frequently on the budget challenges that lie ahead as well as our mitigation plans. The potential budget shortfall for next year led me to call for a university-wide hiring and procurement freeze.

The decision is based on a proposed $312.9 million cut to the CSU and the resulting impact on Cal Poly Pomona. When you include the funds needed to avoid a student fee increase, the number grows to $386.1 million. The Chancellor's Office projects that the proposed cut would mean that 10,000 qualified students would not be admitted next year. At Cal Poly Pomona, our projected head count for Fall 2008 would be almost 1,000 fewer students than the beginning of this year.  With this in mind, we must manage our budget towards our projected target.

To ensure that we meet the mission-critical needs of the campus and not slow down processes that impact instruction and operations, I have delegated final signature authority on purchases in excess of $1,000 to the vice presidents.

We must also be extremely careful in our hiring decisions. There is no question that some positions must be filled. To ensure that we are reviewing every state-funded position – whether it is a replacement, new or temporary (faculty, staff or management)  a vice president must carry forward a proposal that will be reviewed by the President's Cabinet. Work with your unit leadership on these individual requests. More details on this process will be sent to campus management from Human Resource Services early in the week.

The Division of Administrative Affairs will soon send out an announcement regarding the first series of budget cafes. I hope you take the opportunity to attend and learn about our funding model.

Thank you for your continued commitment to our students.

Michael Ortiz