Leadership Changes in Academic Affairs

Leadership Changes in Academic Affairs
Barbara Way
David Klock

Two high profile leaders of the academic community have announced new directions for their lives. Barbara Way, dean of the College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences (CLASS) and interim dean of the College of Education & Integrative Studies (CEIS) has announced she will retire this August. David Klock, dean of the College of Business Administration, has accepted a similar position with the University of Alabama – Birmingham. He will leave Cal Poly Pomona in March.

Way has served as an administrative leader and educator in higher education for more than 20 years, working the last 12 years as CLASS dean and the last two years as the interim dean of CEIS. Klock became dean in 2005 after serving as the chief executive officer of the CompBenefits Corp. for 11 years.

“In simple terms, Barbara and David are two of the finest people I know. Their impact on the community and our students has been nothing short of extraordinary,” says university President Michael Ortiz. “David has had a lasting impact in a short period, and Barbara is an institution whose contributions and  influence can be seen throughout the campus and the community. I cannot thank them enough for their service to Cal Poly Pomona.”

Over the past two decades, Way has been instrumental in spearheading initiatives that promoted international educational experiences, multicultural education and community involvement.

“These have been extraordinary years of service to faculty, staff and students,” she says. “CLASS has been transformed during these years because of the dedication of faculty, department chairs, associate deans and the staff. I am leaving behind an exceptional college with an exceptional leadership team.”

Before becoming dean, Way served as the associate dean of CLASS and chair and professor of Political Science. She is an established authority on public policy. Her work in this area includes an edited book, chapters in textbooks and numerous articles. She has also examined gender differences in political ambition, including women's participation in politics in Arizona. In 1993, the American Society for Public Administration honored her with the award for Outstanding Public Administration Educator.

She helped found the All University Committee on Teacher Education in January 2003. Additionally, she was the founder and president of the Urban Politics and Policy Section of the American Political Science Association.

She was instrumental in establishing the Cal Poly Pomona Downtown Center, and has chaired numerous campus committees, including the Founder's Day Committee, which brought both community and campus constituencies together in honor of Cal Poly Pomona's founding. She is currently a board member of the Pomona Central Business District, the Pomona Leadership Forum, and the Cal Poly Pomona Diversity Advisory Committee. She is also chair of the Cultural Alliance of Pomona, chair of the GIS Literate Campus Initiative, co-chair of the Academic Advising Task Force, and is involved in many other activities.

Klock came to Cal Poly Pomona in 2005 after retiring from CompBenefits, one of the nation's leading dental and vision benefits companies. During his tenure as CEO, CompBenefits grew from $40 million in revenue to more than $300 million in revenue with industry-leading profit margins.

“I am extremely proud of the College of Business Administration and its contribution to the mission of providing opportunity to our diverse and first-generation students,”  Klock says. “Cal Poly Pomona is a special place, and I will continue to be very proud of its on-going success.”

Klock has a total of 21 years of teaching and research experience, including five years as chair of the finance department in the College of Business at the University of Central Florida.

Until recently, Klock was also serving as interim dean for The Collins School of Hospitality Management.

National searches for the deans' successors will begin in the coming months. Interim leadership decisions for both are pending.