I⁢ Develops New Password System, Standards

I⁢ Develops New Password System, Standards
I⁢ will start implementing secure BroncoPasswords during the winter quarter.

To safeguard electronic communications, the Division of Instructional and Information Technology (I&IT) has implemented secure BroncoPasswords for students, faculty and staff to access centralized technology services such as BroncoDirect, Blackboard, electronic mail, Data Warehouse, PeopleSoft and file sharing. I&IT has also published a new, easy-to-use set of Web pages for changing user passwords.

“This is a major step in ensuring privacy and security for everyone who accesses university data,” said Debra Brum, I&IT vice president and chief information officer.  ”We want to be a leader in assuring our users have a safe and successful computing experience.”

Secure passwords will be phased in over several months. The first group of users will be informed as to when they will have to change their passwords to the new secure standards during the winter quarter.

For more details, visit http://www.cpp.edu/~iit/.