This Week In P

The deadline for Prioritization and Recovery Initiative written feedback is Friday, Nov. 16.

Employees are encouraged to submit written responses as a group with their departments. Feedback forms are available.

Students may also submit written responses by Friday.

Many people shared their opinions about the P&R recommendations at a number of open forums in the last two weeks. Transcripts from the first three meetings are now available: Academic Forum – Recommendations 1-5; Academic Forum – Recommendations 6-10; and Support Forum.

The P&R Steering Committee will have several open meetings this month. They will be Nov. 19 – 23 and Nov. 26.

Understanding the P&R Initiative

The Prioritization and Recovery Initiative began in April 2005 when President Ortiz identified the need to explore areas of improvement and efficiency across campus. The process hopes to ultimately empower the campus community to shape a model university for the next generation of students. To evaluate university programs appropriately, academic programs and support programs were reviewed by separate committees.

The academic programs process began immediately with the selection of committee members, appointed by a joint committee of the Academic Senate and President's Cabinet. The academic programs committee includes four faculty members, a faculty alternate, two academic administrators, one staff member, one student and one student alternate.

The support programs committee was formed in fall 2006 and includes two senior members from each division, a member of the President's Office and the director of Academic Resources. Members of both committees served as trustees, representing the university, not their respective divisions.

Both committees were charged with evaluating respective programs on campus and developing proposals based on common criteria. These include recommendations that may potentially affect funding for the programs, including:

  • Increased support                                                                    
  • Decreased support                                                                    
  • Restructuring                                                                    
  • Discontinuing                                                                   

The P&R steering committee, which includes the executive committee of the Academic Senate, the President's Cabinet, a staff representative and the ASI vice president,  will conduct a comprehensive review and analysis of the recommendations, ensuring appropriate stakeholders have been consulted in the process.

The steering committee will present initial recommendations to the President by the end of January 2008.

Visit the P&R Web site for more details,