They?re famous in South Korea!

They?re famous in South Korea!
Cameraman Chris Suh and
Charles Kim, field producer, interview
Fred Henderson of the university police department.

A film crew recently spent a day interviewing members of the Cal Poly Pomona police department and Stop Violence Office for a show on stalking. The footage will be used in the news magazine show “We Want to Know” on the Seoul Broadcasting System. The show aired throughout South Korea on Nov. 10.

“Stalking has become a major issue in South Korea, especially with celebrities. Our show often compares practices in Japan and the United States. We heard about the Stop Violence Office and thought the approach of having an office dedicated to those issues was very unique,” said Charles Kim, a field producer for the show.

The Stop Violence Office is a program within the University Police Department that aims to reduce sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking on campus through education, training, survivor advocacy and support services.  

The film crew interviewed the police department's Fred Henderson, Stop Violence Office's Diane Sands, Counseling and Psychological Services' Genevieve Crean and filmed advocate training, a ride-along with officer Don Nyeholt and dispatch work by Daniel Barrozo.

“We're so flattered they were interested in the work we do here. It doesn't matter if its aired in Pomona or Seoul. Getting the word out against sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking is vitally important,” said Sands, coordinator of the Stop Violence Office.