Dec. 1 Incident at Bronco Student Center ?All Clear'

The Cal Poly Pomona University Police Department is investigating reports of the sound of three shots fired outside a fraternity-sponsored dance being held in the Bronco Student Center on Saturday, Dec. 1. University police officials have confirmed that no one was injured, and it appears that the gunshots were not directed at anyone or any building.

At about 10:30 p.m., university police officers working at the event heard shots in the area around Parking Lots C and D.

Upon notification of the incident, the university emergency notification plan was immediately put into effect. Managers at University Housing Services and Bronco Student Center were directed to keep everyone inside buildings until safety could be assured. The Office of Public Affairs followed this action with e-mails to all students, first encouraging students to remain indoors if they were on campus, then to notify them at approximately 12:30 a.m. that the campus had been cleared.

The event attracted patrons from throughout Southern California. With the large number of outside guests, university police officials surmise at this time that the perpetrator(s) of this incident are not likely to be Cal Poly Pomona students or anyone directly affiliated with the campus.  

“The fraternity leaders were very cooperative and the officers appreciated their assistance in attempting to calm the patrons inside at the event,” said University Police Corporal Alfonso Valadez.  

To ensure the continued safety of those attending the dance, university police officers closed down the event and required all non-residents of the campus to immediately leave the university.

University police officers were assisted by personnel from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Walnut/Diamond Bar Station and the Pomona Police Department.  

It is a felony to bring a firearm — and any knife or other weapon — onto the Cal Poly Pomona campus.

Anyone with information that could assist Cal Poly Pomona University Police Department with its on-going investigation about this incident is urged to immediately call (909) 869-3070.