Rose Day Kicks Off 60th Anniversary

Rose Day Kicks Off 60th Anniversary
This is a rendering of “Guardians of Harmony.”

The Cal Poly Rose Float is celebrating its 60th birthday this New Year's Day. However, the big birthday bash gets started early on Nov. 6, during Rose Day in University Park from 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m.

“Everyone knows about the Rose Float, but not everyone knows about the Rose Float Club or has a chance to see the float before it's actually finished,” said Rose Float Committee Chair Matt Yeseta. “Rose Day is a chance for the campus community to come out, learn more and see the Rose Float up close.”

This year's Tournament of Roses Parade float titled “Guardians of Harmony,” depicts a phoenix and a dragon with other traditional Chinese elements such as the Great Wall, a pagoda, cherry blossoms and carp.

The Rose Float Club and Committee will not only display this year's float, but also recruit volunteers. The different departments of the club and committee will each set up booths with a variety of activities to show what they do for the float.

“We're letting everyone know that you can work on the float no matter what your major is,” Yeseta said.

The Rose Float Committee began the construction of Cal Poly Pomona's half of the float in June. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's half of the float will also be on hand during Rose Day so the campus can view the full structure.

The Cal Poly Pomona pep band and cheer squad are expected to perform during the festivities.

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