Ombuds Office Helps Resolve Conflicts

Ombuds Office Helps Resolve Conflicts
Students are welcome to contact the Ombuds Office if they need assistance with conflict resolution.

Conflict, problems, or concerns are bound to happen. It's simply part of the human condition. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to go for help. At Cal Poly Pomona the Ombuds Office provides an independent, impartial, informal and confidential resource to assist people in finding a resolution to their problems and conflicts.

The office is particularly useful for students, because in comparison to faculty and staff, there are fewer channels for students to voice concerns to a neutral third party. Unlike students, employees have the option of contacting Human Resources and most staff and faculty members can contact their unions when seeking council on an issue.

“We especially want students to know we are here and to use our services before an issue escalates beyond repair,” says Glenda Brock, interim university ombuds. “For instance, if a student is having trouble coming to a resolution with a professor, we want the student to seek our help before writing an angry e-mail that might alienate him or her from the professor.”

The Ombuds Office is located in Building 1, room 106. The office is open to all students, staff or faculty. Confidentiality and neutrality will be of the utmost importance for anyone who uses the service.

“We listen, help to bring forth a greater understanding of the issue and present possible solutions in an effort to achieve a fair and equitable resolution,” Brock adds.

People who use the office can expect to be listened to, to be helped to gain a clearer perspective and to be given options. Other services of the office include informal mediation or facilitation between persons with a conflict.

It's important to note that the office does not replace or circumvent pre-existing procedures for filing grievances. For example, if a student, staff or faculty member feels they have been racially discriminated against; they would be encouraged to file a complaint with the Office of Diversity and Compliance.

Brock does not serve as an advocate or provide legal counsel, but rather she is an independent and neutral third party.

The Ombuds Office is independent of the divisions on campus. The Ombuds reports to the university president on trends or patterns without divulging the identity of the visitors to the office, Brock said.

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