Bronco Mentoring Program Connects Students, Alumni

Bronco Mentoring Program Connects Students, Alumni
The new Web site is designed for networking between alumni and students.

Entering the real world can be a scary thing for any bright-eyed college student nearing graduation. The Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association hopes to help such students find their paths to successful careers with the new Bronco Mentoring Program.

The Bronco Mentoring Program is a new social networking Web site that will give students the opportunity to obtain practical professional advice from nearly 700 alumni.

Students can search for mentors based on criteria such as occupation, major or special interest. After finding appropriate mentors, students can solicit professional advice from them.

“If I have a mentor who is doing the same thing I hope to get into, then they can guide me and say 'this is a good company' or 'maybe you should look into them,' ” says public relations major, Andrea Valderrama. “I can learn from them, and I'm sure the advice they can give will be useful.”

Although the Web site is not intended to be a job site for students, mentors can still give advice and share stories about their time at Cal Poly Pomona, and their experience finding a job or a good graduate program.

“When I was in school, hearing from others that had been through my major and were now successful really helped me, especially on difficult days,” says Erik Venegas, a Cal Poly Pomona alumnus and mentor. “Now I would like to give back and help others.”

The Web site has mentors from all eight colleges and the Collins School of Hospitality Management, and students may have more than one mentor from the growing list of alumni joining the program.  

Mentors will likely focus on graduating students looking for a career-oriented job. However the program is open to all students. Students can sign up now to begin their search for a mentor.

Alumni are also encouraged to sign up to become mentors and make a difference in the lifeof a student by sharing their knowledge and expertise.

To sign up for the Bronco Mentoring Program or for more information visit