Studio 6 Offers Array of Services

Studio 6 Offers Array of Services
Zuzana Bic, a lecturer in kinesiology, gets help from Lynette Lam, a instructional technology assistant, at Studio 6.
Brian Rigazzi, an instructional technology assistant at Studio 6, works on a project.

When first walking into Studio 6 and noticing the artwork and photos hanging from the walls, it quickly becomes clear that this computer lab is different from any other on campus.

Studio 6 began four years ago after & Information Technology Learning responded to an overwhelming request for technical assistance with digital media.  

The goal of Studio 6 is to provide assistance to faculty, staff and students for their multimedia technology and online learning needs with the help of instructional technology assistants (ITA) and a high-end computer lab.  

“The thing that makes us unique compared to other computer labs is that we offer that one-on-one assistance with digital media, so people can come in the lab and feel free to ask a question,” said Studio 6 coordinator Daniel Smith.

Thanks to the creative environment and the services offered, Studio 6 has steadily seen the number of patrons increase through word-of-mouth among students and faculty.

“The demand has greatly increased for the service, because people realize what it is and then they realize it's such a unique place,” said Smith.  

With the focus of Studio 6 being on digital media, the lab provides most of the equipment and software needed to create any multimedia project. With the help from an ITA, students and faculty who want to create a video production, Web site or any other multimedia project can produce most of their work in the lab.  

Besides providing Internet and printing services, the high-end lab also provides both Mac and Windows workspaces with nearly every Adobe and Macromedia software available, as well as other popular programs such as QuarkXpress and Microsoft Office.

One of the more popular services offered at Studio 6 is the ability to check out equipment at no cost. Any student, faculty or staff member can come in and checkout one of the available digital cameras and camcorders.  

“I think it's been really cool to offer equipment because there are very few places where you can do that, and for students who are part of the Digital Media Arts Program, we have additional equipment available for check out,” said Smith.

In addition to in-lab services, Studio 6 also offers personal guidance to faculty members with its IT-FITS program. IT-FITS helps faculty members by sending an assistant to their offices who can provide assistance with their e-learning tools and instructional Web sites.

Studio 6 also offers a variety of teaching and learning workshops every month for faculty members who need additional support with topics such as podcasting, online pedagogy, digital storytelling and other e-learning services.    

For more information on Studio 6 call (909) 869-3099 or visit