Hot Dog Caper Passes Mustard

Hot Dog Caper Passes Mustard
The 24th annual Hot Dog Caper is this Thursday. Come hungry!
University President Michael Ortiz hands out hot dogs during the 2006 Hot Dog Caper.
Cross Country runners with Billy Bronco during the 2006 Hot Dog Caper.

Anticipation mounts as the day of free frankfurters nears. The Hot Dog Caper is filled with fun and food, and at the same time it unites the entire Cal Poly Pomona community.  

The Hot Dog Caper will be held on Sept. 27,  from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the University Park.  Don't be confused by this year's T-shirt, which was made before there was a change in location. Olive Lane was reopened late last week, allowing the event to take place at University Park.

Everyone on campus is invited to come and enjoy free hot dogs, soda, chips, ice cream and more. The event is free thanks to the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Associated Students Inc., Pepsi and North County Vending.

The band Sistine will provide live music and Chuck Street from KIIS FM will also help keep the crowd entertained with his annual baby food competitions and other giveaways.  To make things even more exciting, Chuck Street is scheduled to land his helicopter at the University Park in the morning of the event. Billy Bronco will also be there to keep everyone smiling.

For more information on the Hot Dog Caper contact Gas Creative Group at or (909) 869-2158.