University Police & Parking Services Host Grand Opening

University Police & Parking Services Host Grand Opening
The grand opening will be on July 26.

University Police & Parking Services will toast their new $4.4 million, 15,000-square-foot building during a grand opening ceremony and open house on July 26 at 2 p.m.

The new facility, located on the east side of the parking structure, is a welcome addition to the Cal Poly Pomona University Police Department and Parking & Transportation Services, which used to be located in the trailers next to the Ornamental Horticulture unit.

“We needed an actual base so people would know where to actually come … an actual facility that is designed for its purpose,” said Lt. Dan Ponder.  ”The officers are very excited about the new building. It is quite a difference to being in the trailers.”  

The new police and parking headquarters will house more than 80 employees including 20 police officers, while delivering several new features that University Police & Parking Services were unable to have in the past due to space restrictions.  

The added space allows University Police & Parking Services to give their administration, detectives and sergeants their own offices, while also housing the Rideshare Program.  

The building's design focuses on safety and features a larger and more advanced communications room. The dispatch center includes twice as much space and newer technology acquired through a $130,000 public safety state allocation.

The dispatch center allows police officers to monitor fire alarms, break-ins, and any other emergencies efficiently through several computer monitors while being able to answer emergency calls at the same time.

The armory, which will be able to contain more ammunition, provides an area for officers to clean their equipment in an environmentally safe room. The building  also contains three holding cells with cameras embedded in the walls that officers can monitor in a booking room nearby.

Although the building has yet to be fully completed, University Police & Parking Services continue to look forward to future improvements with the construction of an online crime reporting system. The new reporting system would allow students, staff and faculty to report low solvability crime categories of crime. The system would allow the department to keep the officers in the field, where they could be more proactive.   

The front office for University Police & Parking Services will be closed today from 11:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. for the opening ceremonies

For information on the grand opening ceremony, please contact Alma Pettengill at (909) 869-3068 or e-mail to