Children's Center Receives Third Grant in Two Months

Children's Center Receives Third Grant in Two Months
The Children's Center has received more than $271,000 in grants since May.

The Children's Center was recently awarded a $50,000 grant from the Orange County Department of Education. This is the third sizable grant awarded to the Children's Center since May.

“The grant will provide free training for our teachers and training for teachers in the local community,” said Associate Vice President & Dean of Students Rebecca Gutierrez Keeton.

The goals of the Early Intervention for School Success (EISS) Professional Development Grant are threefold. The funding will provide professional development services to the state preschool teaching staff at Kellogg Polytechnic Elementary School in Pomona; an efficient and effective learning community for early childhood educators with the Pomona Unified School District; and a smooth transition from preschool to kindergarten for the children.

The center was also awarded a $25,000 grant on June 15 from Los Angeles Times Family Fund Holiday Campaign, a literacy program for children at-risk. This grant was used to purchase early literacy materials and training support for parents.

In addition, on May 29, the center received more than $196,000 from the California Department of Education, Child Development Division, which marked the largest grant ever awarded to the center. The grant goes toward funding of a 24-child capacity Prekindergarten and Family Literacy Program during the 2007-08 fiscal year, which will be free for parents meeting certain qualifications.

“This is the first time we have received this many grants in such a short time,” said Ronii Galarneau, the center's outreach coordinator.

Galarneau added that the Children's Center Director Yvonne Bailey Yvonne and Arlene Molina, assistant teacher, spend a significant amount of time conducting the ongoing data collection needed for the crucial grant selection process. Without their on-going dedication the center may not receive the same grants the following year, or worse, a grant could be taken back.

The Cal Poly Pomona Children's Center was established in 1974 by students and continues to be the only preschool in Pomona to be accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The main objective of the center is to ensure enrollment of student-parents in addition to children of faculty and staff at Cal Poly Pomona by providing quality preschool programs.

For more information about the Cal Poly Pomona Children's Center or its new programs and grants, call (909) 869-2284.