Prioritization and Recovery Committee Release Phase 1 Recommendations

After over two years of work and analysis, the Academic Programs Prioritization and Recovery Committee (APPRC) has released its first phase of recommendations for organizational restructuring. This group had been charged with the evaluation of each academic program on campus, developing a proposal based on common criteria for potential increased support, decreased support, restructuring or discontinuing.

“This trustee committee addressed an extraordinary challenge with an extreme level of professionalism and collegiality,” said President Michael Ortiz. “This was truly groundbreaking work and their efforts have given us a plan for continued review. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Phil Rosenkrantz, Kip Dickson and the entire team for their efforts.”

The AAPRC's phase one release comes in advance of the similarly structured Support Programs Prioritization and Recovery Committee (SPPRC) recommendations, which should be completed by mid-August. The APPRC will also be releasing a phase two report in the near future, which will provide detailed assessments and specific recommendations for individual programs. The two co-chairs from each group, Rosenkrantz/Dickson from the APRPC and Don Straney/Curtis Clark from the SPPRC, will also come together to develop a joint proposal for the university Steering Committee.

The joint proposal is expected to be introduced during Fall Conference. Opportunities will be made available for the university to meet with the committee chairs during a special presentation on Monday, Sept. 17.

To read the phase one recommendation PDF document, link to: