Lyle Center, Institute Host 3rd Annual Sustainable Living Workshop Series

Lyle Center, Institute Host 3rd Annual Sustainable Living Workshop Series
The workshop series run July 9-15.

The John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies and the Solar Living Institute have teamed up again to bring the Sustainable Living Workshop Series to Cal Poly Pomona from July 9-15.

The public workshops offer a variety of strategies to incorporate sustainable living into daily life. Classes run 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. each day at the Lyle Center.

The courses are as follows:

How to Make and Use Biodiesel: (July 9)

Biodiesel production and usage are growing at an exponential rate, and it has the potential to be the primary alternative to fossil fuels. In this hands-on class, you'll learn the process of making fuel from fresh or restaurant waste oil and examine the inner workings of a homemade small-scale biodiesel processor.

Build Your Own Straw Bale Home (July 10-11)

Perfect for homeowners, commercial property owners and developers, contractors and other building professionals who want a comprehensive introduction to natural building techniques and materials.

Intro to Grid-Tied PV Systems (July 12-13)

This workshop offers a great introduction to grid-tied solar systems for homeowners, and solar career seekers who have little background in the specifics of grid-tied PV or electricity.

Ecological Urban Gardening (July 14)

Learn to design and maintain your own ecological garden space in the city. We will explore sustainable urban gardening options, such as planters, rooftop boxes, community/school gardens and more.

Water Recycling (July 15)

A comprehensive introduction to the subject of water recycling, including an overview of aquatic sciences, a survey of conventional and alternative approaches to wastewater treatment, integrated natural living systems, storm-water capture and storage, and water quality analysis kits.

A changing world creates new challenges, and the Lyle Center specializes in proposing effective responses that support a healthy living environment. To register for the Solar Living workshops, visit or call (707) 744-2017.

Workshops cost $120 per day, or you may sign up for the entire series and receive $95 off.

For additional information, contact the Lyle Center at (909) 869-5155.