Children?s Center Receives Largest Grant in its History

Children?s Center Receives Largest Grant in its History
The Children's Center thrives off of grants like the one recently received from the state Department of Education.
The center offers the only accredited preschool by the National Association for the Education of Young Children in Pomona.
Children enjoy a variety of activities at the center. Here they are learning about volcanoes.

The Cal Poly Pomona Children's Center was recently awarded more than $196,000 from the California Department of Education, Child Development Division. The grant, which marks the largest in the center's history, will allow the center to offer more children free, full-day service.

This award fully funds a Prekindergarten and Family Literacy Program for the 2007-08 fiscal year. The program will be a free program to parents who meet certain qualifications.

“It adds to the work that we already have. But what makes it all worth it is that we are helping the kids out and their families,” said Children's Center Director Yvonne Bailey.

Qualifications for acceptance into the program include children who will be four years old by Dec. 2, 2007, and parents must enroll their children into the program five days a week, seven hours a day. Cal Poly Pomona parents who meet these qualifications have first priority with the program.

The program will sustain up to 24 children and is planned to begin this fall. Parents need to only apply once for the entire school year. While this grant targets at-risk children, 20 percent of children enrolled can be over-income.

The Children's Center can reapply for this grant on an annual basis.

A majority of funding for the Children's Center comes from grants such as this one. Bailey works year-around with the help of other staff to research and write grant proposals to fund the center's operations.  

“It's a long, exhausting and a rewarding process,” Bailey explains. “It's stressful because there are a lot of deadlines.”  

Typically Bailey has 30 days to write the proposal and have it reviewed by three different entities on campus before making the grant's final deadline.

In addition to the California Department of Education grant, the center learned recently that it will receive $25,000 from the Los Angeles Times Family Fund Holiday Campaign, a literacy program for children at-risk.

The Cal Poly Pomona Children's Center was established in 1974 by students and continues to be the only preschool in Pomona to be accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The main objective of the center is to ensure enrollment of student-parents in addition to children of faculty and staff at Cal Poly Pomona by providing quality preschool programs.  

For more information about the Cal Poly Pomona Children's Center or its new program, call (909) 869-2284.