Time To Play Ball With Bronco Buddies

Time To Play Ball With Bronco Buddies
Tennis player Jenny Tsai works with Joseph Maya on his tennis strokes during Bronco Buddies Day last year.
Pitcher Justin Carty works with Scarlett Rodriguez on her batting stance.

Cal Poly Pomona student-athletes have spent many hours during the past year reading to students at Washington Elementary and sharing their experiences as college students and intercollegiate athletes.

Come Friday, they will step up the fun with Bronco Buddies Day.

The annual event brings about 250 local elementary school children to the campus for a full slate of mini-sport clinics with each Bronco team. The children also learn about nutrition and healthy life practices from members of the Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center staff.

Cal Poly Pomona student-athletes will demonstrate the fundamentals of basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer, tennis, cross country and track & field.

The fourth and fifth grades from the Pomona school will be on campus May 18 from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. The campus community is welcome to come check out the fun.