New 750,000-Square-Foot Parking Structure Opens

New 750,000-Square-Foot Parking Structure Opens
Billy Bronco gets a lift from ASI President Arno Keshishian during the grand opening.
Many people gathered for the grand opening on May 7, 2007.
University President Michael Ortiz, Billy Bronco and Keshishian cut the ribbon to ceremoniously open the structure.

Many people came out Monday to celebrate the opening of the university's new parking structure. The new structure will provide an additional 2,378 parking spaces.

To celebrate the new building, the campus community was invited to a grand opening ceremony and lunch held on the front patio of the structure.

To view a time-lapsed photography slideshow of the construction project, visit

As the campus community begins to use the new structure, please keep these tips in mind:

Plan Ahead.  Navigating a parking structure is different from an open parking lot and will likely take a period of adjustment for everyone to get used to it. If you plan to park in the structure for the first few weeks, please allow additional time, as traffic congestion in and around the structure is expected. Staff members from Parking and Transportation Services will be present for a couple of weeks to assist drivers with navigating the building.

Entering the Structure.  Please review the link, which contains a map to determine the most efficient way for you to enter the structure. All lanes entering the structure have been given priority over all other traffic.

Elevators.  The contractor is currently putting the finishing touches on the two elevators. Although completion is anticipated prior to opening on Monday, slight delays are possible. If the elevators are not available, four major staircases are provided to lead you safely out of the building. Signage inside the structure will direct you to the nearest exit.

Needless to say, the campus community has been very patient during all of the construction delays on this project. It is hoped the new structure provides much-needed and appropriate parking for our growing campus. If you have any questions about the use of the parking structure, please contact Parking and Transportation Services at (909) 869-3061 or e-mail