Golden Leaves Awards Recognize Authors, Editors, Illustrator

Golden Leaves Awards Recognize Authors, Editors, Illustrator
Stacy McGoldrick talks about her book, Uniform Behavior: Police Localism and National Politics.
Barry Soroka talks about his book, Java 5: Objects First during the 21st Annual Golden Leaves Awards on April 6.
Dennis Loo holds his book, Impeach the President: The Case Against Bush and Cheney.

The University Library, in conjunction with Research & Sponsored Programs, honored 24 Cal Poly Pomona authors and/or editors and an illustrator at the 21st annual Golden Leaves Awards luncheon on April 6 in the library's Special Collections Room.

The Golden Leaves Awards are presented to members of the Cal Poly Pomona campus community including faculty, staff, alumni, students and retirees who have authored or edited a published book during the preceding year.

The following is a list of 21st annual Golden Leaves Awards honorees and their books:

Melissa D. Aaron, English & Foreign Languages, Global Economics: A History of the Theater Business, the Chamberlains / Kings Men, and Their Plays, 1599-1642.

Mark W. Allen, Geography and Anthropology, and Elizabeth N. Arkush.

The Archaeology of Warfare: Prehistories of Raiding and Conquest.

Thomas C. Blackburn, professor emeritus, Geography and Anthropology,

An Artist's portfolio: The California Sketches of Henry B. Brown: 1851-52.

Hany J. Farran, Civil Engineering, editor, Steel Structures: Behavior and LRFD and Earthquake Engineering.

Jere French, professor emeritus, Landscape Architecture, Devils in the Dust.

Carlos B. Gonzalez and Robin Denise Johnson, Management & Human Resources, Organizational Behavior: A Multicultural Approach.

Xudong Jia, Civil Engineering, and Shu Liu, Introduction to Computer Programming and Numerical Methods.

John E. Karayan, Accounting, and Charles W. Swenson,

Strategic Business Tax Planning, 2nd edition.

Keith Soon Kim, alumnus, College of Science, PAR 50/70: 50 Years in America, 70 Years on Earth.

Daniel K. Lewis, History, A South American Frontier: The Tri-Border Region.

Dennis D. Loo, Psychology and Sociology, and Peter Phillips, editors,

Impeach the President: The Case Against Bush and Cheney.

Stacy McGoldrick, Psychology & Sociology, and Andrea McArdle, editors,

Uniform Behavior: Police Localism and National Politics.

Deborah Meadows, Liberal Studies, involutia and Thin Gloves.

Sarah A. Meyer, Art, and John T. Drew, Color Management for Logos: A Comprehensive Guide for Graphic Designers; La Gestion de la Couleur: Guide Exhaustif a lUsage des Graphistes and Farb Management: Das Handbuch fur Grafikdesigner.

Martina Newberry, previously with ITAC, Not Untrue & Not Unkind.

Joseph Philbrick, professor emeritus, Psychology & Sociology, The Gospels Consolidated and Integrated in an Original Translation.

Amanda Podany, History, and Marni McGee, The Ancient Near EasternWorld.

Amanda Podany, and Ronald Mellor, editors,

The World in Ancient Times: Primary Sources and Reference Volume.

Ronald D. Quinn, professor emeritus, Biological Sciences, and Sterling C. Keeley, Introduction to California Chaparral.

Hassan M. Rejali, Mechanical Engineering, The Science and Engineering of Materials.

Jessica Schaeffler, student, Art, illustrator, and Ann Olivier, author.

Magic's Carpet.

Barry I. Soroka, Computer Science, Java 5: Objects First.

Vernon Stauble, International Business & Marketing, Marketing Principles and Practices: An Introductory Approach. 2nd edition.

Randall J. Swift and Stephen A. Wirkus, Math, A Course in Ordinary Differential Equations.

Randall J. Swift, and M.M. Rao, Probability Theory with Applications. 2nd edition.

Stanley C. Wilson, Art, Stanley C. Wilson: Retrospective 1973 – 2007 [exhibition catalog]