Cal Poly Pomona Addresses Accessible Technology Initiative

Cal Poly Pomona Addresses Accessible Technology Initiative

Significant strides have been made in the university's efforts to provide access to information resources and technologies to individuals with disabilities.

Cal Poly Pomona's 35 most frequently-used Web sites have been upgraded to meet federal accessibility requirements, and many more will be upgraded in the coming months.

Cal Poly Pomona is not alone in its efforts. On Feb. 9, the Chancellor's Office sent a memo to CSU presidents outlining the Accessible Technology Initiative, which sets out requirements and a timeline for campuses to ensure that they comply with federal and state laws. The ATI has been discussed at several Academic Senate meetings, and has the support of the Statewide Academic Senate.

A new Web site about accessibility has been developed with detailed information about the initiative. The Web site also has information about workshops and presentations offered on campus to aid the transition.

Among other resources, you will find a video series, “From Where I Sit” that provides inspiration for the work involved in the initiative.

The ATI comprises three sections:

  • Web accessibility                 
  • Instructional materials accessibility                  
  • Accessible electronic and information technology procurement                 

A ten-member task force with representatives from all divisions of the university was convened to steer the ATI effort. Vice President Debra Brum is the executive sponsor of this group.  

In both the Web accessibility and instructional materials areas, the Disability Resource Center, Faculty Center for Professional Development, I&IT Learning, and Organizational Development & Training have collaborated to provide workshops and other learning opportunities.  

The Faculty Center is also hosting The Success Stories in E-Learning symposium on April 27, which will feature assistive technology in its resource fair as well as accessibility presentations.