Wireless Telecommunications Symposium Draws Industry Leaders

Wireless Telecommunications Symposium Draws Industry Leaders
WTS 2003 featured Irwin Mark Jacobs, co-founder and chairman of Qualcomm, as the keynote speaker .
This year's WTS will be April 26 – 28 at Kellogg West.
Numerous industry leaders gather at Cal Poly Pomona for WTS each spring, like they did here in 2003.

Cal Poly Pomona will once again be a gathering place for top minds in the wireless communications industry.

Wireless Telecommunications Symposium 2007 (WTS), which is now in its sixth year, will be held April 26 – 28, at the Kellogg West Conference Center.

“WTS is a leading interdisciplinary wireless communications conference. Its objective is to give leaders and experts from industry, government agencies and universities around the world an opportunity to exchange information on advances in mobile communications and wireless networking technology, management, applications and security,” says Cal Poly Pomona CIS Professor Steven Powell, who is general chair of the symposium.

WTS is co-hosted by the College of Business Administration and College of Engineering. It is internationally recognized and attracts participation and support from organizations around the world.

“The Future of Wireless Communications” will be this year's theme. Highlights include keynote addresses and executive presentations.

More than 100 speakers are slated to give presentations at the symposium.

The speakers include:

  • Vinton Cerf, vice president and chief Internet evangelist at Google, who is also regarded as a “founding father of the Internet”                      
  • Dick Lynch, executive vice president and CTO for Verizon Wireless              
  • Kristin Rinne, senior vice president of Architecture & Planning at AT&T               
  • John Muleta, co-founder and CEO of M2Z Networks Inc. and former chief of the Federal Communications Commission's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau                     
  • Michael Gallagher, a partner at Perkins Coie LLP, who is former assistant secretary of commerce for Information and Communications and head of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration                        
  • Young-Kil Suh, president and CEO of TU Media, a key satellite service provider in South Korea                   

Participants will also partake in tutorials and workshops, presentations of research papers, a poster paper session, a doctoral students' session, and a Universal Studios Hollywood reception and tour.

Panel discussions include:

  • Future Directions in Wireless Communications Research                   
  • Wireless Network Security                  
  • New Wireless Communications Ventures                  
  • Wireless Communications Investments                  
  • Mobile Wireless Services and Business            
  • Wireless Communications Business Strategy                  
  • Advances in Satellite Communications                  
  • The Future of Deep Space Communications                  

A number of Cal Poly Pomona faculty members, alumni and students will participate in the three-day symposium.  

Thomas Ketseoglou, associate professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and assistant chair of the event, will present a paper titled “Optimized Iterative MAP ARQ for OFDM Over Rapidly-Varying Frequency-Selective Channels.”

Alumnus Peter Hadinger, who is vice chair of the FCC's World Radiocommunication Conference Advisory Committee and director of East Coast Engineering and Initiatives for Northrop Grumman Space Technology, will be a panelist in the Advances in Satellite Communications discussion.

Powell will present a paper titled “International Expansion of Wireless Telecommunications Service Providers: A Comparative Analysis.”

College of Business Administration Dean David Klock will moderate the panel discussion titled “New Wireless Communications Ventures.”

The IEEE Communications Society is a co-sponsor and publishes the proceedings. ACM SIGMOBILE and INFORMS Telecommunications Section are technical co-sponsors.

The Cal Poly Pomona student chapter of the IEEE Communications Society, called SWIFT (Students with an Interest in the Future of Telecommunications), also helped organize and host the conference.

Cal Poly Pomona faculty, staff, students and alumni are eligible for an early bird registration discount through April 1.

Additional information about WTS is available at https://www.cpp.edu/wtsi.