Viggo Butler Honored as 2007 Alumnus Advocate of the Year

Viggo Butler Honored as 2007 Alumnus Advocate of the Year
Viggo Butler, chairman of United Airport Limited, was honored at the CSU's Alumni Legislative Day on March 19.

Alumnus Viggo Butler was honored Monday, March 19, as a California State University 2007 Alumnus Advocate of the Year.

With close to 2 million alumni in its ranks, the CSU has one of the largest networks of advocates in the country. Each of the 23 campuses relies on its alumni to build support at the local, state and federal levels.

The CSU Alumni Council has chosen this year to recognize one alumnus from each campus who has demonstrated an outstanding level of services and commitment to the university.

Butler, President Michael Ortiz and a cadre of others from Cal Poly Pomona traveled to Sacramento on Monday for the CSU Alumni Legislative Day where Butler received his recognition.

Butler received his bachelor's degree in business administration from Cal Poly Pomona in 1964 and completed his education with a master's degree in the same subject from Pepperdine University. An international expert in the privatization of government enterprises, airport operations, and security, Butler has worked with government officials at the highest level in America and Europe, including seven U.S. presidents and nine foreign prime ministers and presidents. The genesis of his extraordinary career began at Cal Poly Pomona.

Butler recalls how his business classes related to real world concepts, and how the university's learn-by-doing philosophy serves as a vital educational tool. In addition, running the school dance band was also good entrepreneurial experience.

Butler, who was born in Belfast, Ireland, spent 23 years at Lockheed Air Terminal and Airport Group International, retiring in 1995. He spent 11 years as president for that organization, concurrently serving as corporate vice president for the main entity, Lockheed Corporation. Retirement proved fleeting, as Butler is currently the chairman of United Airports Limited, a privately held company specializing in airports, security and aviation technology.

He is often a featured speaker at international forums, including the World Economic Forum, at which he spoke alongside England's former prime minister, Lady Margaret Thatcher. Despite his intense business schedule, Butler is actively involved in community and education service projects.

At Cal Poly Pomona, he has been a member of the President's Council, the College of Business Administration Advisory Council, and currently serves on the Board of Visitors. Butler, who is Lord Butler, Lord of Cretingham in the U.K., lives in Chatsworth with his wife, Judith.