Enron Prosecutor Interviewed by Accounting Students

Enron Prosecutor Interviewed by Accounting Students
Glenda Disselkoen, Vincent Turner, Robb Adkins and Stephen Bacchetti.
The interview was conducted at the Mediavision studio and is available online.

Cal Poly Pomona accounting students had a special opportunity recently to learn about one of the nation's most sensational white-collar crime trials from a man who had a direct role in the prosecution.

Special Assistant United States Attorney Robb Adkins visited the university in February to speak about his work as a prosecutor in the Enron trial.

While on campus, Adkins participated in a taped interview with Accounting Professor Vincent Turner and students Glenda Disselkoen and Stephen Bacchettii. The interview is available online.

Adkins served on the Enron Task Force, which was responsible for the prosecution of Enron executives Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling. During the interview he discussed the work of the task force, the trial and the impact of the Enron scandal.

This presentation is part of the online forensic accounting class taught by Turner.

“I try to use streaming media as much as possible in my courses. With the online course, this is great for course content,” Turner says. “In my classroom courses I have found a wealth of resources in streaming media.”

The interview can be viewed online at https://schoolbiz.googlepages.com/enron.