Prioritization & Recovery Update – Support Programs

Following on the work of the Academic Affairs Prioritization and Recovery Initiative, the university's support programs are currently being evaluated by a special trustee committee of leaders representing each division. The group is following a similar process as the academic model, identifying programs (as opposed to departments) that require ongoing staff support and funding.

Support programs will be reviewed with the same criterion as academic programs (centrality to mission, quality and outcomes, efficiency, opportunity analysis). In an effort to accurately and efficiently evaluate programs, the trustee committee has created six program functions. Each program will fall into one of these categories:

  • Faculty Support – Supports the work of faculty in courses, research and service.      
  • Student Support – Supports student learning and student life on campus.      
  • Institutional Support – Supports the university as an enterprise.      
  • Infrastructure Support – Maintains needed services and facilities.      
  • Constituent Relations – Cultivates relationships with key constituents on and off campus.      
  • Unique Function – Unique activities difficult to compare with others.      

Division representatives have been working with their colleagues to develop their respective program lists. Those will be forwarded to the P/R Support Program Trustee Committee by Friday, Feb. 9 for review and approval. The committee is also developing the tool by which programs will be reviewed, including a series of questions in a template format that will be completed online. The questionnaire will be launched by mid-March with completion coming at the end of spring quarter.

The committee expects to make recommendations to the P/R steering committee (made up of the President's Cabinet and the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate) later this summer, in a similar window of time as the academic programs. The final list of campus programs will be posted on the prioritization and recovery website by the end of winter quarter. For more information, visit: or contact your division representative.

Support Programs Prioritization and Recovery Committee Members

  • Dr. Curtis Clark – Director of Web Development (I&IT) (co-chair)      
  • Dr. Ron Fremont – AVP University Relations (University Advancement)  
  • Dr. Don Hoyt – AVP Research and Graduate Studies (Academic Affairs)      
  • Darwin Labordo – AVP Finance and Administrative Services (Administrative Affairs)      
  • April McKettrick – Multimedia Designer (I&IT)      
  • Lisa Rotunni – Director of Academic Resources (Academic Affairs)      
  • Megan Stang – Director of University Housing (Student Affairs)      
  • Dr. Don Straney – Dean, College of Science (chair)      
  • Kathy Street – AVP Enrollment Services (Student Affairs)      
  • Jeff Swanson – AVP University Development (University Advancement) 
  • Michael Sylvester – AVP Facilities Planning and Management (Administrative Affairs)