Outside Internet Connection to the University is Down

Cal Poly Pomona is currently disconnected from the Internet. Our Internet service provider has had a hardware failure that resulted in loss of our connection, according to Debra Brum, vice president of Instructional & Information Technology.

If you are on campus you can get to services and communicate with people that are also on campus, but you cannot reach resources outside of the campus.

People off campus cannot reach any campus services.

BroncoDirect is down because it is hosted off campus.  Blackboard is reachable from on campus, but not from off campus.  Cal Poly Pomona e-mail is available on campus, but messages will not reach off campus until our connection to the Internet is restored.

I&IT specialists are working with the service provider to get our connection restored as soon as possible.

Internet connection will not be completed until late this afternoon.

A number of other colleges and universities are also affected by the hardware failure.