Grand Theft Auto Suspects Arrested

Grand Theft Auto Suspects Arrested
Cal Poly Pomona Police officers arrested three people on suspicion of grand theft auto on Feb. 20.

University police officers arrested three people Tuesday afternoon on suspicion of grand theft auto, less than a quarter mile from the University Police Department headquarters.

Sgt. Terry Allen began to investigate when he noticed two men taking bucket seats from a Honda Civic, just before 4 p.m. in Parking Lot F5 near Oak Lane. Bucket seats are common in race cars.

Upon further investigation, Sgt. Allen discovered that the Honda Civic's ignition had been tampered. When the sergeant began to approach, suspects Jarrel Keon Lewis, 19, of Highland and Alexander Jordan Ancrum, 21, of Rialto attempted to flee in another car driven by Denise Elizabeth Diaz, 20, of Fontana. The sergeant, however, was able to detain all three suspects quickly without incident.

When additional officers arrived, Allen located and recovered a second Honda Civic in Parking Lot F5, which the suspects were also attempting to take. Both Honda Civics belonged to Cal Poly Pomona students.

The suspects are not affiliated with the university. They were arrested on suspicion of:

  • VC 10851 Unlawful taking of a vehicle            
  • PC 459 Burglary from automobile              
  • PC 496 Knowingly receiving stolen property              
  • PC 466 Possession of burglary tools