Multiple Auto Thefts Reported

Cal Poly Pomona Police investigators and officers are working to solve a string of recent auto thefts on campus. On Wednesday, Jan. 17 in the afternoon, four Hondas were taken from various lots over the course of several hours.

Initial information leads police to believe these were targeted by experienced auto thieves because auto-theft deterrent devices were defeated on some of the vehicles. In the past, vehicles with deterrent devices, such as clubs or kill switches, were often passed up by thieves in favor of unprotected cars.

Police have leads that they are following up on, and the investigation will continue. Contact is being made with local auto theft investigators to compare information and to consult on further measures to combat this problem. Police personnel are actively patrolling lots in marked and unmarked cars and on foot. Parking officers are assisting by conducting extra patrols. Neighboring law enforcement agencies have been advised of the recent thefts and are conducting extra patrols in the vicinity as well.

Students, faculty and staff should be alert to suspicious persons in parking lots and around parked vehicles, and should contact the University Police at (909) 869-3070 to report suspicious activity. In recent thefts the most frequently stolen model is the Honda Civic – but all motorists should ensure that vehicles are locked and should consider using anti-theft devices nonetheless.