Farm Store to Host Guacamole Bowl

Farm Store to Host Guacamole Bowl
The fifth annual Guacamole Bowl will be Jan. 27.

Do you think your recipe for guacamole is leagues above the rest? If so, then guac this way to the 5th annual Guacamole Bowl on Saturday, Jan. 27, at 11 a.m.

The Farm Store at Kellogg Ranch and ASI have partnered to host the event, which includes salsa dancing, carne asada and a cooking demonstration. The event and contest are open to members of the Cal Poly Pomona and surrounding communities.

Entries for the best guacamole can be entered at no fee to the Farm Store on Jan. 27 by noon. Submissions must include guacamole and corresponding written recipes. The recipes will be judged by Chef Scott Rudolph, of the Collins School of Hospitality Management.

The first place winner will received a $75 Cal Poly Pomona Foundation gift card. Second place will receive a $50 gift card, and a $25 gift card will go to the third place winner.

All contestants will receive a coupon for 10 percent off of their next purchase at BroncoFresh, the Farm Store's satellite store in the Bronco Student Center.

For those who enjoy the green dip, but need a few pointers about how to make it, Chef Rudolph will give a demonstration on how to prepare guacamole and salsa dishes.

Cal Poly Pomona's Social Dance Society will also perform a salsa dance and give dance lessons while the Latino Business Student Association serves freshly grilled carne asada tacos, beans and rice plates.

There is a suggested $5 donation for the taco plate. All donation proceeds for the dance lessons and carne asada will go to their respective organizations.

Guests will also be able to sample some of the Farm Store's homegrown avocados and fresh salsas.

There will be an avocado kick-off in University Park where visitors can sample a variety of the Farm Stores avocados on Thursday, Jan. 25, from noon to 1 p.m.