Hospital Promotes Health, Fitness Both On And Off Field

Hospital Promotes Health, Fitness Both On And Off Field
Physical Therapist Rick Rossman works with Jessica Sanchez, a 15-year-old field hockey player for Bonita High School.

Soccer player Bethany Meischner got a taste of what quality healthcare is all about much sooner than she would have liked.

In 2005, Meischner was preparing for her freshman season eagerly anticipating her first collegiate game. She had joined the Broncos largely because of the scholarship offer she had received — an offer made possible thanks to corporate partners like Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center.

But before the opening game, Meischner tore the ACL in her left knee and, following reconstructive surgery, began a major rehabilitation stint that paid off this year when she worked her way back into the starting lineup. Her recovery took place at the PVHMC where Rick Rossman, the associate director of physical therapy, guided Meischner back to health.

“Rick was great to work with. Sometimes, I would get impatient and want to go faster than was safe, but he kept me on the right track and said I would be better off in the long run,” she says.

Meischner has become such a big fan of the medical center that she has since participated in some of the sports medicine lectures offered by PVHMC's Sports Medicine Center in conjunction with Cal Poly Pomona's athletic training staff.

The longtime partnership that originally began with PVHMC as a place for injured Cal Poly Pomona athletes to rehabilitate has blossomed in recent years with the hospital becoming one of the athletic department's biggest corporate supporters, helping to make scholarship offers to student-athletes like Meischner and others possible.

“We are extremely fortunate through our partnership with Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center for the care of our student-athletes,” Director of Athletics Brian Swanson says. “They provide outstanding medical attention and service in support of Bronco Athletics. They have become a valued contributor to the academic and athletic scholarship of our student-athletes. It is a credit to two of the leading institutions in the greater San Gabriel/Pomona Valley and Inland Empire to partner together in serving our future leaders.”

PVHMC, along with its Sports Medicine Center and Cal Poly Pomona Athletics, started a Sports Medicine Lecture Series in 2000 and recently presented its 40th lecture. The lectures are free, open to the public and cover topics ranging from treatment of injuries to injury prevention and sports nutrition.

On Dec. 13, Scott Tsuji, the academic counselor for athletics, Ruem Malasarn, the head athletic trainer and Paul Caligiuri, the Bronco's men's soccer head coach spoke on the topic of “Understanding the College Athletic Recruiting Process.”

The next lecture will be in March.

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