Credit Union Earns National Award

Credit Union Earns National Award
Barbara Argo, CEO of the credit union and Diana Roberts, chairman of the CUNA awards committee.

For the second straight year, the Cal Poly Federal Credit Union (CPFCU) earned top honors in a national competition for its efforts in youth financial literacy.

The CPFCU was among seven winners of the 2006 National Desjardins Youth Financial Education Awards, which was announced on Dec. 1. The CPFCU was entered into the competition after winning the state award in September.

“These organizations are leading the movement in youth financial education,” said Dan Mica, president and CEO of the Credit Union National Association, which administers the award program. “Each of them have something to show the rest of us about applying the credit union tradition of fostering member security through education to the real world challenges facing our young people.”

The credit union plays an important role in educating Cal Poly Pomona students about managing their financial resources and providing them tools to make smart financial decisions. Between July 1, 2005 and July 31, 2006, CPFCU's education and outreach programs reached nearly 9,900 students and 1,900 parents of incoming freshmen.

CPFCU works closely with Upward Bound, Renaissance Scholars, Office of Financial Aid as well as Orientation Services to provide presentations about making financial decisions as well as financing college.

“The entire staff here wholeheartedly believes in the importance of youth financial literacy,” said Barbara Argo, CEO of the CPFCU. “We've been working hard to educate our students and local community, so we appreciate this wonderful honor from the Credit Union National Association.”

The CPFCU also earned top honors for its work in youth financial education in the 2005 competition by the Credit Union National Association.