Late Night Upgrades Might Cause Short E-mail Delays

Beginning late Nov. 20 and continuing for two weeks, I&IT Systems will redistribute user mailboxes among the Exchange e-mail servers to balance the total size of mailboxes on each server. This procedure is necessary because of the migration of e-mail from the Intranet.

At various times during the late night and early morning hours, individual users might not be able to connect to Exchange for a few minutes. In addition, users who are already connected through Outlook might receive a message telling them that the Exchange administrator has made a change that requires them to restart Outlook.

Incoming e-mails will be held by the mail gateway during this short period and delivered normally afterwards. Each user should only experience a single outage.

College and department computer technicians have been given more specific information about the changes that will be made.

In the unlikely event that you cannot connect to your email after 8 a.m., contact your tech or the Help Desk (909) 869-6776.