If You Want To Go Healthy – We Have You Covered

If You Want To Go Healthy - We Have You Covered
Kelly Hertzing, Farm Store manager, sorts oranges at Bronco Fresh, a new Farm Store outlet in the Bronco Student Center

The Freshman 15 ought to be easier to avoid now that there are several new healthy food options on campus.

Organic sandwiches can be bought at five new locations on campus; the Farm Store opened a petite version of itself in the Bronco Student Center; and a new smoothie joint shares space with an environmentally friendly and socially conscious coffee shop.

“There is a lot of variety on this campus,” says Brett Roth, assistant director of Cal Poly Pomona Foundation Dining Services. “We try to provide options that students want.”

Bronco Fresh, which is a satellite of the Farm Store, sells freshly squeezed orange juice, nuts, yogurt, fresh produce and more. The shop is located near the Games Etc. room in the Bronco Student Center.

Freshens Smoothie Company, which offers vitamin-enriched fruit and yogurt smoothies, shares shop space with  Pura Vida Coffee near the Fitness Center in the BSC.

Roth chose Pura Vida because it is a charitable organization that offers a good product, he says. Pura Vida is fair trade certified, practices organic and environmentally friendly farming and pays its farmers livable wages. The Seattle-based organization also supports programs for at-risk children and families living in coffee-growing regions.

Following in the same vein of organic options, Foundation Dining Services has contracted with Organics to Go, which supplies vegetarian, vegan and other sandwiches. The sandwiches are available at Pura Vida, Bronco Express in the Campus Center Marketplace, Los Olivos, Vista Cafe and the American Red Cross cafeteria.

In addition to the sandwiches, Bronco Express in the Marketplace has an entire section devoted to organic food.

Subway has also opened an express shop in the BSC that offers pre-made sandwiches and salads for people who need to buy lunch on the go.

For more information about dining options on campus visit: https://foundation.cpp.edu/dining/