3D Leadership Conference to Discuss Social Responsibility

3D Leadership Conference to Discuss Social Responsibility
Jeffery Johnson will give the keynote address at the 3D Leadership Conference on Oct. 27.

Jeffery Johnson, a nationally known social activist and powerful speaker, will make a stop at Cal Poly Pomona to give the keynote address at the 3rd annual 3D Leadership Conference on Oct. 27.

The 3D Leadership Conference, which runs from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. at the Bronco Student Center, will have a variety of workshops that will tie together leadership training and social responsibility. The workshops will help students gain a greater sense of how to take an active role in creating positive social change.

Johnson is a positive force within the hip-hop community and more. The African Methodist Episcopal minister is the host of BET's quarterly show “The Jeff Johnson Chronicles” and can be seen Wednesdays on BET's “Rap City.”

He travels throughout the country giving rousing speeches at universities encouraging social activism and is currently working to increase young voter turnout as director of America Votes' Young Voter Project.

His noontime speech at the Oct. 27 conference will address how to be a socially responsible leader. Johnson's speech is open to the general public, but the rest of the conference is reserved for Cal Poly Pomona students.

The 3D Leadership Conference is a part of the university's Student Development & Leadership Institute (SDLI). Under the umbrella of SDLI, 3D is collaboratively planned by ASI, Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers and University Housing Services. The speaker is sponsored by the Distinguished Lecture Series and ASI Bronco Events and Activities Team (B.E.A.T.).  

SDLI is a university educational program designed to assist students in enhancing student leadership abilities through building self confidence, developing a personal philosophy of leadership, amplifying personal growth and development and building career opportunities.

Space is limited so register now at https://www.dsa.cpp.edu/division/leadership/3D.asp or contact Dora Lee, co-chair of the 3D Leadership Committee, at (909) 869-3601.