New Faculty Orientation Expands to Week-long Affair

New Faculty Orientation Expands to Week-long Affair
Thirty-eight new faculty members will start teaching this fall.

From Sept. 11-15, 38 new tenure-track professors participated in the first Welcome Week for New Faculty. In previous years, faculty orientation has amounted to a day or two. This Fall Quarter, new tenure-track professors spent five days getting acclimated to the university.

“We want to make sure these faculty members get a deeper understanding of what's available to them and what's expected of them,” says Peggy Perry, director of the Faculty Center for Professional Development.

Tenured-track professors are required to balance their time between teaching, research/scholarship and service-orientated work.

“It can be challenging for newcomers and the first-time teacher,” Perry says.

Welcome Week was chalked full of comprehensive workshops about numerous topics including networking and building professional contacts, using various technologies in the classroom and developing an effective syllabus for learning-centered  courses.

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Please welcome these new faculty members:

  • Ileana Apostol, Urban & Regional Planning   
  • Bettina Casad, Psychology & Sociology   
  • Gregory Carlton, Computer Information Systems   
  • Leon Hung Chan, Accounting   
  • Ekaterina Chernobai, Finance, Real Estate, and Law   
  • Kristen Conway-Gomez, Geography & Anthropology   
  • Timothy Corcoran, Chemistry   
  • Cedric Dawkins, Management & Human Resources   
  • Julianna Delgado, Urban & Regional Planning                           
  • Brent Deschamp, Mathematics & Statistics                           
  • Kent Dickson, English & Foreign Languages                           
  • Kevin Farmer, Management & Human Resources                           
  • Danilo Franco, Animal & Veterinary Sciences                           
  • Jill Hargis, Political Science               
  • Alexander Hess, Food Marketing & Agribusiness Management              
  • Peter Kilduff, Apparel Merchandising & Management                           
  • William Kitch, Civil Engineering                           
  • A. Kristopher Lappin, Biology Science                           
  • Myong Jae (MJ )Lee, Collins School of Hospitality Management        
  • Zhenxing (Eddy) Mao, Collins School of Hospitality Management       
  • Georgia Mickey, History                           
  • Juintow Lin, Architecture                           
  • Moustafa Moustafa, Kinesiology & Health Promotion                           
  • Anjana Narayan, Psychology & Sociology                           
  • Jeff Nessler, Kinesiology & Health Promotion                           
  • Eddy Ng, Management & Human Resources                           
  • Norali Pernalete, Engineering Technology                           
  • Shantanu Sharma, Chemistry                           
  • Michael Shenoda, Civil Engineering                           
  • Nadia Shpachenko, Music                           
  • Christos Stathopoulos, Biology Science                           
  • Fang Tang, Computer Science                           
  • Farzad Tasbihgoo, Civil Engineering                           
  • Lise-HeleneTrouilloud, English & Foreign Languages                           
  • Ahmed Wahbeh, Civil Engineering                           
  • Charles Julian White,Theatre                           
  • Anne Wohlcke, History         
  • Xuehe Zheng, Chemistry