Classrooms Added to Accommodate Renovations

Classrooms Added to Accommodate Renovations
Six new modular buildings have been built to accommodate for Building 3 renovations.
Juan Pernal paints the flashing on modular classrooms installed in the Music Bowl area.

Several new classrooms have been added to the campus to provide additional space during the renovation of Building 3. The classrooms will be used by a variety of academic departments.

Classes scheduled in buildings 24A, 24B, 24C or 24D can be found in the “Music Bowl” area next to the Recital Hall (Building 24, the Music Building) and behind the University Theatre (Building 25). Faculty offices are in 24E and 24F houses restrooms.

The classroom numbers in this area include: 24A-1403, 24A-1407, 24B-1417, 24B-1421, 24C-1228, 24D-1220 and 24D-1224.

Signs will be posted in the vicinity to help students and faculty find their way.  

The two-year, $23 million renovation and seismic upgrade of Building 3 began in July. Although the project is not expected to heavily impact the campus community in terms of dust, parking, traffic congestion and pedestrian access, there will be increased construction-related traffic on University Drive between Temple Avenue and Building 3. The campus community is asked to observe all designated temporary path-of-travel walkways around Building 3 and to show extreme caution when driving near the construction site.

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