Professional Development Opportunities Grow

Professional Development Opportunities Grow
Staff members try to balance on a small sheet of paper during exercises on personal space and team building during Staff Academy at Kellogg West Dec. 8, 2005.

Cal Poly Pomona staff and administrators have more options than ever to enhance their professional skills and enable themselves to advance in their careers.

Organizational Development & Training is offering several new and free professional development programs this fall, such as management expertise, telephone professionalism and conflict resolution.

“We want to provide an opportunity for people to grow from within,” Ray Inge, associate vice president of Diversity, Human Resources and Employee Services says. “It benefits individuals and the university as a whole to enhance the skill level of the staff.”

ODT was established late last year. The department began to take off under the leadership of Director Susan Berilla, who came to Cal Poly Pomona in January by way of Cal State San Bernardino where she spent several years as the manager of Training & Development. She and Loretta Roth, who is the training and development coordinator for ODT, have focused closely in recent months to develop programs to serve the university's workforce.

“Taking a workshop can be a big morale boost and helps build relationships across campus,” Berilla said.

The department, which is under the umbrella of Diversity, Human Resources and Employee Services, also oversees a handful of pre-existing workshops such as defensive driving, computer software training and the staff development academy.

To develop a new catalog of offerings, this past spring Berilla oversaw two university-wide online surveys and met with about 50 staff members to gauge what type of training would help enhance employees' skill sets.

New upcoming workshops include: “Keeping the Good Ones,” which is designed for administrators, faculty and staff with lead responsibilities, and “Career Development Part 1: Discovering Your Natural Talents,” which is open to any staff member.

ODT is also working with Associated Students, Inc., and the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation to develop a partnership so the department's service could be available to ASI and Foundation employees.

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