New Fall Courses Added to Curriculum

New Fall Courses Added to Curriculum
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Cal Poly Pomona is offering a variety of new courses this fall quarter.

Students in several disciplines should be able to find something new and relevant in their chosen fields. The classes vary greatly from one another, but their aim is the same – to offer students more variety and chances to enhance their total learning experience.

Some new classes are timely like the Political Science Department's course on campaign management.

“We are offering it now because there is an election this fall so there are lots of opportunities,” says Political Science Chair Charles Gossett, who will teach the class. “We plan on offering it every other fall when there are at least some congressional and state Assembly races.”

A portion of new classes are being offered at the request of students like Elementary Arabic in the English and Foreign Language Department. The course will be taught by Professor Nabil Abdelfattah via interactive video-conferencing.

Other courses are new takes on old subjects.

The Economics Department for example is offering online courses for the first time in microeconomics. Professors Carsten Lange, Bruce Brown and Greg Hunter participated in I&IT's Online Teaching and Learning Academy this summer and developed two sections of the Principles of Microeconomics.

Hunter and Lange will have face-to-face meetings during the first week of the quarter and another in week six for the midterm.

The class material will be delivered online through Adobe's newest teaching tool Breeze, which allows students to view course materials when they want and where they want. Students' progress will be assessed by online quizzes.

The professors will also use Breeze Meeting, another Adobe tool, to communicate with their students via 'live chat' with real-time audio and video support.

“An online class is probably more work for students, but students can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule,” Lange said.

New fall quarter courses include:

  • EC 201.3 & 201.11, Principals of Microeconomics, (online)                                 
  • ENG 235, War and Peace in Literature                                           
  • ENG 220, Arthurian Romance – Exploring the legends of King Arthur, his knights and the search for the Holy Grail                                            
  • FL 299, Elementary Arabic                                            
  • GED 575, Video Production and Digital Video Editing                                            
  • HST 433-01, Nonviolence in the Modern World                                            
  • HST 499, Food, Power and Culture in the Americas                                            
  • HST 691, Seminar in History: U.S. Ethnic and Immigration History                         
  • MU 427, Tracking and Mixing in the Digital Domain                                            
  • PLS 322 & 322A, Campaign Management                           
  • URP 499, Special Topic, Coordinated Land Use and Transportation Planning                                       

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