Lt. Governor Donates Blood at Red Cross Located at Cal Poly Pomona

Lt. Governor Donates Blood at Red Cross Located at Cal Poly Pomona
Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante donates blood at the American Red Cross center at Innovation Village.
Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante donates blood with the help of Kimberly Sanchez on Wednesday at the blood center.

Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante donated blood at the American Red Cross Blood Services Center located at Cal Poly Pomona's Innovation Village on Wednesday to raise awareness in Latino communities that donating blood is critically needed.

Approximately 60 percent of the Latino population is Type O blood, which is the universal blood type, Bustamante said.

“It's important for me to serve as an advocate for the Latino population by bringing awareness of important issues to the Latino communities in Southern California,” Bustamante said. “Many people consider it a right to receive blood when needed, but don't often consider the responsibility of giving blood. This summer the American Red Cross is facing a severe blood shortage in Southern California and across the country. Blood supplies have reached critically low levels, especially Type O-positive and Type O-negative blood … that is why I am making a special and urgent appeal to Latinos in Southern California to join me and donate blood now and on a regular basis to your local American Red Cross.”

The American Red Cross Blood Services of Southern California provides about 1,500 units of blood to more than 150 hospitals in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura and San Diego counties every day. Southern California-based donors supply about 60 percent of the blood needed in this region. The remaining 40 percent must be brought in from out of state.

Through the end of August, anyone who donates blood in the four counties will be eligible for a drawing to win a $1,000 gas card. Donors who gave at the Cal Poly Pomona blood drive this week are eligible.

The blood center located at Cal Poly Pomona encompasses 201,000 square feet and houses a blood donation center, an advanced blood processing laboratory, a blood distribution facility, a warehouse and administrative offices.

The blood facility also serves as the anchor tenant for the university's Innovation Village, a 65-acre mixed-use technology park designed to provide a setting for interface between the university's human and technological resources and those of the private sector. It provides prime educational and research opportunities for Cal Poly Pomona students and faculty as well as creates new jobs and economic prospects within neighboring business communities.

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