Building 3 Undergoes Renovation

Building 3 Undergoes Renovation
Building 3, one of the oldest buildings on campus, is about to undergo an extensive renovation.
State-of-the-art Learning Centered Technology Initative equipment will be installed in instructional areas.

A two-year, $23 million renovation and seismic upgrade of Science Building 3 will begin this summer, with contractors beginning preparations to install fencing and safety covered walkways around the construction site on July 31. Modular units are also in the process of being installed to provide supplemental classroom and office space during the construction. The “modular village” is expected to be completed by Aug. 9.

Building 3, which is one of the oldest buildings on the Cal Poly Pomona campus, is located between Building 92 to the west and Building 8 to the east. The renovation project involves 72,000 gross square feet and includes new electrical, mechanical, plumbing and telecommunication services, as well as new fire/life safety systems and upgraded energy efficient lighting. It also abates hazardous materials, replaces the existing roofing system and will include the installation of two new accessible elevators.

In addition, state-of-the-art Learning Centered Technology Initiative equipment will be installed in all instructional classrooms and classroom labs. Notably, the building's original 1957 constructed exterior facade will undergo a rehabilitation that will include all glazing and window frame replacement with an energy efficient window system. The air conditioning system will also be connected to the campus chilled water plant distribution system to not only provide central air-conditioning into the building but also to provide improved sustainability features within the building.

The project will not have a significant impact on the campus community in terms of noise, dust, parking, traffic congestion and pedestrian access. Provisions are being put in place to maintain the pedestrian circulation on the south side (facing Building 4), east side (facing Building 8) and to the north along University Drive.   However, additional construction traffic will be noticeable on University Drive between Temple Avenue and Building 3. Temporary covered walkways with lighting will be installed on the south side of Building 3 to ensure pedestrian safety.  There will still be access into Building 8 from the east side under both connecting bridges.

The projects many benefits are listed below.

  • Strengthens and updates the building structure to provide a seismic safe facility.    
  • Modernizes a 50-year-old facility to a state-of-the-art instruction facility.    
  • Maintains the original use of the building from the late 50s as an academic/instructional facility.    
  • Maintains the original exterior building shell integrity and aesthetics. 
  • Increases the campus sustainability through improved energy conservation design systems.    
  • Provides teaching laboratories, computer laboratories, research areas and faculty offices for the College of Environmental Design, College of Science and College of Education & Integrative Studies.    

Construction Schedule

Contractors will begin preparations to install fencing and safety covered walkways around the construction site on July 31. Completion is scheduled for summer of 2008. All dates related to this project are subject to slight adjustments based on weather conditions or other unanticipated delays. Significant changes and updates will be communicated to the campus community via e-mail and here on PolyCentric. The campus community is asked to observe all designated temporary path-of-travel walkways around Building 3.  As a reminder, slow down and show extreme caution when driving around construction sites. To locate Building 3's location, visit and open up the Southwest Campus Ag Valley block located in the lower left section of this campus map. For more information on this construction project, contact Mooris Taylor, senior project manager, at (909) 869-5173 or by e-mail at