“Arctic Antics” Wins Top Rose Float Design for Cal Poly Universities

"Arctic Antics" Wins Top Rose Float Design for Cal Poly Universities
“Arctic Antics,” an award-winning design by Thomas Baak & Associates in Walnut Creek, will be the Cal Poly Universities’ entry in the 2007 Rose Parade.

The Cal Poly Universities’ 59th entry in the Rose Parade will frolic down Colorado Boulevard at 8 a.m. on New Year’s Day. The 2007 float concept originated from Thomas Baak & Associates of Walnut Creek, who entered their idea into the universities’ Rose Float design contest in February. The company will receive $1,000 and four tickets to the Tournament of Roses Parade for its ingenuity.

In line with the theme, “Our Good Nature,” of the 118th Rose Parade, “Arctic Antics” features a jolly group of polar bears and penguins enjoying a Hawaiian-themed party. This convivial scene resonates with Cal Poly students in San Luis Obispo and Pomona who, although separated by more than 200 miles, unite to create a feat of artistic and engineering beauty that will be seen by millions on  New Years Day.

“The Cal Poly Universities’ floats are really known for their great animation shows, and this concept really stood out to us because of its numerous fun elements and its potential for animation,” says Janetta McDowell, senior coordinator of the Office of Student Life & Rose Float. “The students started construction about one to two months ahead of schedule. They’re really excited about ‘Arctic Antics’ and, come New Year’s Day, everyone will see why.”

“Arctic Antics” depicts a lively scene. As a hapless polar bear skids across the ice, several small penguins try to haul him to safety. On one side, a pair of penguins is performing a slippery snow limbo while, on the other side, a penguin band serenades a dancing hula polar bear. The float is alive with motion, no doubt presenting an interesting challenge to float engineers.

Students from the Cal Poly Universities in San Luis Obispo and Pomona have designed, constructed, decorated and financed entries to the Tournament of Roses Parades every year since 1949 and have received 45 awards, including nine Founder’s trophies for the best volunteer-built float. Throughout a 12-month period, the student committees work closely together on their respective portions of the float to ensure it is built to specification. The San Luis Obispo team transports its half to Cal Poly Pomona where both teams collaborate to complete the project.

Just before New Year’s Day, the campus community joins the Rose Float team to help them put the finishing floral touches on the float before its debut on Colorado Boulevard. To learn more about the Rose Float project or to become a volunteer, visit www.cpprosefloat.org or contact Janetta McDowell at (909) 869-3642.