Apple iTunes U at Cal Poly Pomona

Apple iTunes U at Cal Poly Pomona
Apple iTunes will enhance the learning process at Cal Poly Pomona in fall 2006.
iTunes technology is more than music, it offers faculty podcasts and supplemental educational materials to students.

iTunes and podcasting as an educational enhancement? Of course. New trends in education suggest students want access to more flexibility with their learning opportunities, and they specifically want to take advantage of mobile media technologies to enhance coursework. Cal Poly Pomona has responded and is one of the select universities in the country to become an Apple iTunes U campus.

“Mobile media technologies such as podcasting are quickly becoming important tools in higher education,” says David Levin, director of the Instructional & Information Technology learning team who is leading the Apple iTunes U project. “At Cal Poly Pomona, we are committed to exploring technologies that have the potential to positively impact the learning experience.”

Through iTunes, users, regardless of their locations, can download content to their Macs or PCs. They can then listen to and view content on the Mac or PC or transfer that content to their iPod for repeated listening or viewing at their own pace and at times that best suit their personal schedules.

The educational benefits are many.

Cal Poly Pomona students will have access to supplemental, pre-lecture or examination preparation materials created by faculty, and reusable content can be shared with other faculty and referenced in other courses. This linking of the discliplines will offer a broader understanding of study topics, reinforcing the interactive nature of education. An English assignment may have references with a certain period in history, and a history assignment may be enhanced by additional information rooted in the sciences.

“This is not, of course, a link to, the music site,” adds I&IT professor Teshia Young Roby, who is working on the project, “and will not feature access to music downloads. All accessible materials are related to coursework and will be uploaded by faculty and responsible parties for approved student organizations.”

The Cal Poly Pomona iTunes U site is expected to be operational during the fall quarter. For information updates on campus podcasting initiatives and iTunes U on campus, please periodically visit or e-mail