Model United Nations Team Earns Honors at International Competition for Ninth Straight Year

Model United Nations Team Earns Honors at International Competition for Ninth Straight Year
Cal Poly Pomona?s 2006 National Model United Nations (NMUN) team won Outstanding Delegation Award and Outstanding Position Paper Award at the annual NMUN conference in New York City.

Cal Poly Pomona's 2006 National Model United Nations (NMUN) team accomplished another stellar performance at the annual NMUN conference, held April 11-15 in New York City. The team won a coveted Outstanding Delegation Award, the highest honor presented by the national conference, and an Outstanding Position Paper Award.

This is the ninth straight year that Cal Poly Pomona has been an award-winner at the NMUN, the largest student-administered conference in the country. It is the third time in the past six years that Cal Poly Pomona has garnered both Outstanding Delegation and Outstanding Position Paper awards. In 2006, the conference attracted its largest number of participants, with more than 3,400 students from nearly 240 universities around the world in attendance.

Cal Poly Pomona represented the country of Hungary this year. In a rigorous preparatory course, students studied the history, culture, demography, politics and foreign policy of Hungary, the history and activities of the United Nations, world geography and current world affairs, and the rules and procedures of international diplomacy.

Students also were granted a briefing session with the Hungarian Consul General in Los Angeles, and, while in New York, received a briefing by the Hungarian Ambassador to the United Nations.

Cal Poly Pomona's 17-member team represented Hungary on 10 of the 24 committees, organizations, councils, and specialized agencies simulated at the conference.

The Outstanding Delegation Award places Cal Poly Pomona in approximately the top 3 percent of colleges and universities who send their best students to the conference. The Outstanding Position Paper Award is presented for the research papers individual students must submit a month prior to the conference — with consummate style and skill and considerable data — detailing the represented country's position on three complex international issues which will be debated and acted on within each committee.

Student members of this year's team and their hometowns are:

  • Jesse Cerda (head delegate), Fontana
  • Stephen Baima, Alta Loma
  • Aaron Burton, Chino
  • Carmen Cardenas, Buena Park
  • Leonardo Covis, Ontario
  • Ryan Hashmi, Fountain Valley
  • Levon Keushkerian, Pasadena
  • Roberta Alves Costa Melo, Pomona
  • Shannon Sachiko Nakamoto, West Covina
  • Jeremy Namm, Glendora
  • Salil Pandit, Pomona
  • A.P. Patel, Downey
  • Jake Robinson, Glendora
  • Justin Smith, Rancho Cucamonga
  • Christina Tharp, Upland
  • Heenle Vyas, Pomona
  • Burak Yildirim, Los Angeles

Faculty adviser John Moore, professor of History, says that the team's success this year is particularly notable because there were only two returning veterans on the 17-member team.

“It was, for the most part, a fresh and inexperienced team that competed with the conference's top teams, usually containing well-practiced and “old hand” delegates,” he says. “It goes without saying that Cal Poly Pomona has established a top-notch reputation at this important annual meeting.”